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Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro Ch2

Today as a part of the Te@ch Thought #ReflectiveTeacher blogging challenge I am supposed to be reflecting on being observed. Well, this is the start of my 3rd year teaching and I have yet to have a formal observation evaluation (terrible I know!) Since all of my observations have been drop in and unannounced, my advice is teach every day like you are being observed, because you are by 100 students! You are most likely the only 45 minutes of foreign language they hear in a day, so make it count!

Today I will continue with my plans for Chapter 2 of the TPRS Publishing novel Brandon Brown Quiere un PerroSee my plans for Chapter 1 here.

Day 1 - Chapter 2

  • Pre-Reading Discussion Questions for Chapter 2 found in the TPRS Teachers Guide.
  • We discussed everyones ideal birthday gifts.
  • We complete the "Find Someone Who" birthday speaking activity found in the TPRS Teachers Guide to review numbers, months, and talking about birthdays.
  • I read chapter 2 to the class. Each student had a copy of the novel and followed along. We stopped after each paragraph to discuss, reinforce vocabulary, and check for understanding. 

Day 2 - Chapter 2

  • Each table was given the Chapter 2 Readers Theater script. Since there were 3 characters and I have tables of 4, one person from each group was the "director." Their job was to follow along with the script, give advice on pronunciation and direction for the scene. 
  • Each group did a seated "read through" of the script. 
  • Groups moved around the room to practice their scene using props and movement.
  • I asked for groups to volunteer to perform. The group who went first each got a treat :)

Day 3 - Chapter 2

  • (There was a substitute as I was not at school, so I wanted to keep things simple)
  • Students read the chapter again. They had the option to read alone or out loud with a partner.
  • They completed a 10 question Reading comprehension Quiz in English from the Teachers Guide
  • They worked with a partner to answer 10 short answer reading comprehension questions in Spanish about the chapter. We will talk about these when I am back in school tomorrow.
Happy Planning!

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