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Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro Ch1

As a review for my Spanish 2 class, the 3rd day of school we began activities for the TPRS Publishing novel Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro. This is my first adventure into the TPRS world and thank goodness my school allowed me to purchase the amazing Teachers GuideOur class periods range from 30-45 minutes, depending on the day. 

Day 1 Before Starting the Novel - Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro 

  • Played this video of the Dancing Merengue Dog as students entered class just for fun
  • Pre-Reading Discussion Questions for Chapter 1 found in the TPRS Teachers Guide
    • Questions were posted as a bell ringer to discuss at their tables
    • As a class we talked about pets
  • Standing Pet Survey - I asked different questions in Spanish about pets and students would either stand or sit based on the response. (Ex. Everyone stand up, sit if you have a dog, sit if you have a cat, etc.)
  • Projected, read & discussed the Llamas as Pets article from the TPRS Teachers Guide
  • Projected, read & discussed the Mascotas del Mundo Hispanohablante slideshow from the TPRS Teachers Guide, as well as completed the accomping quiz as a class. 

Day 2 - Chapter 1 

  • I read chapter 1 to the class. Each student had a copy of the novel and followed along. We stopped after each paragraph to discuss, reinforce vocabulary, and check for understanding. 
  • We reviewed what had happened in Spanish by asking the students many questions about the story. 
  • Students read the chapter again. They had the option to read alone or out loud with a partner.
  • They worked with a partner to answer 10 short answer reading comprehension questions. 

Day 3 - Chapter 1 

  • Brandon Brown Kahoot Chapter 1 - this 10 question Kahoot quiz was both fun, and gave me feedback on how much the students understood day 1. 
  • We discussed short answer reading comprehension questions, both at their tables and as a large group. 
Overall it went very well and we are looking forward to the rest of the book!


  1. If I'm not mistaken you had stated in a post some where, that you used the Brandon Brown book as a review for your Spanish II's, how did you "sell" it to you Spanish I class that they will be reading a books in Spanish? I'm a pretty good "sales pitcher", I just wanted some insight.

    1. Yes, we started the year reading BB as a review for 2s and then read it in sp1 quarter 2. I just talked about how they were so great at Spanish that they get to read a book. The key was having me read the first few chapters, so they gained a lot of confidence. We read chapters multiple times in new ways (with silent actors, listening to audio and drawing what happened, story asking, read with a partner etc.) they were SO proud to finish a whole book! Let me know if you have more questions!

  2. This video is great to use with chapter 1 or 2. My Spanish 1 students had watched another Jota Jota video with Unit 11 of Martina Bex's curriculum and they were excited to see this one...

  3. You have such great resources and recommended so many on your site, thank you! I was going to teach the novel Tumba, but the ordering got bogged down and Day of the Dead has gone. I started looking at Brandon Brown quiere un perro, I was wondering which you would recommend? It is the first novel my students will read ever, but they will be in their 3rd quarter of Spanish. I don't want it to be too easy, but still want it to be accessible.

    1. Thank you Jessica!
      Tumba does not have to be taught in the fall. The first time I taught it was in the Spring and it went great.
      Brandon Brown is another great choice. It is fun and lighthearted and all classes who have done it have enjoyed it.
      It depends on your goals. Tumba is much easier to add deep culture, but with the teacher's guide Brandon Brown can as well.
      I have used both BB and Tumba as first novels, and both have gone well. Let me know if you want more specifics!

    2. I was also considering Peter va a Colombia with all it's surprising twists, I really like how it has so much culture packed in it. I found your link to Craig Klein's website and have seen what he has done, and am looking for a teacher manual to go with it. Anything you have learned or suggestions would be fantastic!

    3. I am hoping to teach Peter va a Colombia for the first time this spring. It has a wider vocabulary, so I would not personally do it as a first novel. I love how much rich culture you could use with it. He does not have a Teacher's guide for it yet. I posted some resources that I found for it & have a Pinterest board for it as well. I will hopefully share ideas as I teach it!


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