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**Please credit the original sources and click on the links provided.**

Charging Station

A great idea from @ProfesoraMLJ13 is a charging station for both electronics and students! Since we are going 1to1 with laptops I think this is a must for my classroom this year. 

10 First Day of School Ideas For MFL

This is a great blog post by Cynthia Hitz , including a lot of great ideas of what to do on the first days of school in a foreign language class. The issue is now I have so many ideas, I do not know what I will end up doing day 1!

A Refugee Crisis, Not an Immigration Crisis

This article by the New York Times, while in English would make a perfect addition to an immigration unit. The year my Spanish 4 will be reading Cajas De Carton and Spanish 2 Esperanza, both with a huge immigration theme. 


How awesome is it that @MrLteachesU and his class connected with teachers and students in 45 different countries! That is a pretty lofty goal, but I would love to even connect with another group of students from a Spanish speaking country on a regular basis. The map in the room is a great representation for parents and administrators who walk in your room, they can easily see what you have been up to. 

Retake & Lake Work Policy

A great example if how quick a #langchat collaboration can come together is this retake and late work policy put together by @srtajohnson13, @SenoraCMT & @MmeFarab. I am really considering implementing the same one in my classes this year. 
Have a great week!
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