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Lista lunes - 7.21.14

What I am loving from around the web 

**Please credit the original sources and click on the links provided.**

Speaking Rubrics

The always wonderful Martina Bex of the Comprehensible Classroom posted this great post about output in the foreign language classroom. It included this FREE download of awesome speaking rubrics that I can not wait to use in class for formative assessment. This is something I have struggled with evaluating and I hope these rubrics will be the solution. 

Word Wall Using Ribbon

What a cute ideas as seen on this post for a word wall. I did a post about my classroom word wall and have been trying to decide how I would revamp it this year. Since my board is a chalkboard, hanging ribbon and using clothespins to attach the words would eliminate my peeling off the chalkboard again using any sort of adhesive. 


While I was not able to attend The International Forum on Language Teaching last week, through the twitter hashtag #iflt14 I got so many great ideas on how I will begin to implement TPRS novels into my curriculum this year. Everyone was so impressed with the keynote speaker, Dave Burgess that I bought his book Teach Like a Pirate. I can not wait to start it, but need to find time with my current El Internado obsession. (I am on season six now.)

Instagram Bulletin Board

I have been inspired by this post to change up my Spanish speaking countries of the world bulletin board to an Instagram theme, much more relatable to the kids!

Infografic about Spain

This would be great for so many different uses in class, not to mention I even learned a few new fun facts. 
Happy Planning! - Allison

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