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Cheap School Supplies

Hi my name is Allison and I am a school supply addict. This means that back to schools sales are like a drug I can not get enough off. I have always loved school supplies but as a teacher I think I have started to get close to being classified as a hoarder. (Case in point the year Target dollar spot had stickers in Spanish. I have enough for the next 10 years.) With a classroom budget of $0 anything I buy is out if my pocket, so I would prefer the damage to be minimal. After going a little crazy the last couple years I promised myself to only buy items this year I NEED. (We will see how that goes when I see 1¢ lined paper!)

I know I teach high school, but on my shelf I have containers of colored pencils, markers, scissors, glue and crayons because in a world language class we tend to get a little creative sometimes :) Here are a few of the deals I have seen so far that other teachers may be interested in from places you might not think to look. For a complete round up of updated sales at many big stores check out Passion for Savings


Menards is never anywhere I have thought to get school supplies before but the other day we got this flyer in the mail and I was shocked by some of the deals. With our current bathroom remodel in progress we make at least weekly trips there, so I had my husband pick up a few items for me this week including (5) 59¢ scissors a really nice 3 hold punch (ok 2, 1 for home & 1 for school) for $1.97 each! (after rebate, make sure to pick up the rebate ticket after you check out and actually send it in!)

Office Depot

It's that big 1¢ in the middle that gets me! While a lot of these items are more elementary geared, but I may need to pick up some 25¢ white glue for end of the year piñata making fun.


The last few years Staples has been my go to place with different 1¢ deals each week leading up to back to school, as well as their teacher's reward program. While I do not think they are doing the 1¢ deals this year, this week there is a promotion for FREE mechanical pencils (after rebate).

What great deals have you found this year?
Happy Saving!

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