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Making Children's Books

This year as a part of our volunteering unit in Spanish III, I wanted to find a way that our students could give back. Our Campus Minister at school brought up that the elementary school in Guatemala that she was planning a mission trip to this summer was in desperate need of children's books. So my class set out to write their own books for the children.

You can find the description of the project here. **I know that the basis of this project and rubric came from an idea I saw from someone, so if you know who, please let me know so I can give them proper credit.**
Most of the books came out wonderful with excellent illustrations and creative story lines. Unfortunately, some had little effort put into them, and black and white typed pages were all that were turned in. Below are my ideas of how I would change/improve this project for next year.

How to Learn & Grow for Next Year
  • Wait to do this project until second semester where the students have had more exposure to the past tense and feel more comfortable using it to write stories. 
  • Have more opportunities for students to peer edit and a "final rough draft" that is submitted to me to correct before they go through the effort of illustrations and printing in color when there are still many errors. 
  • Have students spend more time reading tprs and children's books from my classroom library before and during the writing process. 
  • Have these books serve a dual purpose and also submit them to be a part of Mike Peto's fvr class library project. 
  • Show students pictures from this summer's trip to Guatemala to show them that these books will be read by REAL PEOPLE. 
Any more ideas of how to improve this project for next year?

Happy Creating!
- Allison 


  1. Hi, this is Mike Peto :)

    My students were strongly motivated when I told them that our class book would be read in classrooms around the world. They were very excited to take the class photo to place on the cover page. If you have some of the same students next year then I could take photos of my class reading the stories that you submit so that they see that there is a real reading public for their work!

    Actually, that sounds like a really fun addition for all of the books submitted... I´ll add that idea to the project.

    1. This would be so fun for all students involved to see that their work is being read all over the world! Adding the photo would be a great touch!

  2. Maybe you already do this, but the person who delivers our books says theist important page is the about the author page because children love to see the photo and know who wrote the book for them.


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