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Currently...September 2017

It is back to school crazy time! I feel like I have been neglecting the blog, but it it because I feel like I am always trying to check off my ever growing to do list. Since my mind is all over the place it is time for another currently post. Here are some thoughts, ramblings, and current favorites of a Spanish teacher. 

Currently...September 2017 - Mis Clases Locas

Hispanic Heritage Month - Resources & Ideas for Spanish Class - SSS

My newest post is now on Secondary Spanish Space. Get a ton of ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month in Spanish Class

Hispanic Heritage Month in Spanish Class

Hispanic Heritage Month - Music Madness in Spanish class

Guess what time it is almost again? Hispanic Heritage Month! Last year I realized as a Spanish teacher, I need to do a better job using this month to celebrate the diverse cultures of the Spanish speaking world. I did a post with a lot of ideas for HHM here Lista lunes: Hispanic Heritage Month, but was on maternity leave the entirety of September 15-October 15. Last year I also created a popular resource, 1 Song from each Spanish speaking country. It has 22 songs, one for each of the school days from September 15-October 15. By request, I created another version with 22 MORE songs, 1 from each country. Here are ideas of how you can use these songs this year, from least time commitment to the most. 

Hispanic Heritage Month Music Madness!

1st Weeks of Spanish Class Reflection

Most of my most popular posts revolve around plans for the first week of school. These are usually made mid summer when I am well rested, refreshed, tan and pumped for a new school year. Then the new year starts like a rocket and I rarely have time to reflect here on how things actually went. So far I have had eight school days and this is what we have done in each level.

1st Week of Spanish Class reflection - Mis Clases Locas

Quick Tip: I CAN statements for Spanish class

Quick Tip: I CAN statements for Spanish class - Mis Clases Locas

Why hello there!

I am sorry I have been MIA on the blog, but as you know the first weeks of school are a whirlwind of to do lists, additional meetings, and my own extra needy kids who just can't hang after 9 hours of day care. On top of the first week of school, it was time for two big birthdays in my house. My first day of school baby from last year is now ONE, plus he was born on my husband's birthday. This means I was trying to get ready for hosing a birthday party at my house, which meant shoving everything in cupboards and frantically cleaning during their nap immediately before the party (which had the theme of "Target Dollar Spot Birthday"). To top it off my little guys molars are coming in, so he likes to scream for a good solid hour around 3am each night. Let's just say we are all aboard the hot mess express eating leftover pizza from the party all week for dinner and trying to figure out how to function as a family with mama back at school. Did I mention my hubby was also chosen for the jury at jury duty this week?!

OK enough about me. Time to share just a super quick tip that has helped me be more organized this year and saves me time. I promise I have more posts in the works in my brain, but I just need time to do them. I posted the photo below on Instagram this week (@SraWienhold) and got quite a few questions about my "I can" statement posters, which are along the top of the board in pink. 

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